Through floor lifts 
Our through floor lifts are ideal for people who can not negotiate the stairs to access the bathroom and bedroom and who do not want to loose a room downstairs to have a bathroom fitted. Also it is more cost effective than an extension. Where possible a through floor lift can be fitted giving the customer their independence to bathe freely and independently. 
It is powered electronically and has a eco-friendly motor. It can be used only when needed so the floor space is free until you call it. It is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair user but it not intrusive in your home. For single person use only. Please contact us for more details. 

CONTACT US 0121 373 2159 

Stair lifts 
Our stair lifts are a great value solution for people who have difficulty using the stairs and want to stay independent in there own home. 
Straight stairlift 
Straight stairlifts are suitable for use where a stairlift only needs to travel in one straight line; without any interruptions from landings or platforms, turns or curved steps. We offer three straight stairlift systems that can be combined with a choice of seats to give you system that is tailored to your needs and budget. 
Curved Stairlift 
A lot of homes have staircases that go around at least one corner, sometimes stairs can be tight and stairs may be narrow. Our made to measure curved stair lifts can travel around corners, across immediate landings and up spiral staircases. Our stairlifts are designed around your staircase and individual needs. Please contact us for more details. 


Step lifts 
Easy and quick to install our step lifts are suitable for domestic and public use and can be installed internally or externally. An alternative option to a ramp some of our customers feel this is a more subtle and stylish solution for them and we aim where possible to meet our customers taste as well as needs. Please contact us for further details. 
"Excellent work from the contractor and builder, very clear on works and how and when it would be done. Excellent service very efficient" 
Iqra - Small Heath 
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